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In the Know Travel provides its users with original, unbiased, and experiential travel content on top attractions, things to do, and restaurants for top destinations around the world. Presented primarily as top 10 lists, In the Know Tarvel content enables any traveler to cut through the online clutter by focusing on the entertainment, food, and sights for all budget sizes that most uniquely distinguish a city. The core the site’s power is its team of editors, a well-traveled and well-educated group who are not only experts in their fields but discriminating in their tastes.

Our Methods

What We Choose

Food and entertainment – the lifeblood of travel – most readily and immediately distinguish a city. Our recommendations tailor these places and activities to your needs. We provide exquisite, high-end choices alongside budget-friendly establishments. We also seek out places that showcase a city’s special flair, rather than including run-of-the-mill franchises.

How We Decide

We approach any city with one goal in mind – to capture its individual character. At the forefront of this process is our team of editors, a well-traveled and well-educated group who are not only experts in their fields but discriminating in their tastes. They conduct extensive, independent research using immediate and secondary sources. Along with this research, they incorporate first-hand experience from mystery travelers, relevant data from city-specific publications, and the opinions of local contacts. From there, evaluations begin, and with well-honed skills and practiced discernment, these editors make their choices. The end result is a compilation of the best.


The Traveller Experience

More than 40 million travelers, along with the world’s leading names in the travel business, turn to our website each year for no-surprises trip planning recommendations. Our proprietary selection process, developed by a team of editors, independent journalists, and mystery travelers, is supplemented by the experiences of millions of discerning consumers. We also feature the best technology infrastructure, giving users a flexible and customizable travel tool.

Our Travel Guides cover 457 major metropolitan areas (comprised of 3,748 distinct cities around the globe), and we offer in-depth access to them all. Browse the listings – everything from Seattle to Sydney – and then pick a city that suits you, and plan for the best it has to offer. Written from an insider’s perspective, our travel guides highlight a city’s top sights, restaurants, clubs, and shops. We list the places that make each city special, and our recommendations are truly unbiased – no business ever pays to be included on our lists.

Best of all, In the Know Travel does the legwork for you, providing details like hours of operation, contact numbers, admissions prices, maps, and driving directions, leaving you more time and energy to fashion your own unique experience. Choose what interests you most, and print out a guide. With our guide, you’ll travel like a local – knowledgeable and up-to-date.